Thursday, 6 August 2009

Stitchy retrospective

I used to have a big thing about cross stitch. I think it was the first bit of craft that I tried properly in my early teens, and I used to do lots of little designs, mainly for cards.

While I was pregnant with munckin I got back into it a bit, and amongst other things made four little samplers for friends. They all have their own stories, so I'm going to post one a day with a little tale to accompany it.

This was the first one I did, for a lovely fella called Piers. I know him from a forum I used to frequent whilst whiling away the hours at work in my lunchbreak. He's a likeable chap, if slightly dark. Many of his posts ended with ''s all baggage' - a true cynic :)

I posted a thread about picture phone recommendations, as I wanted to get a new phone so I could send pictures of munchkin to friends when she was born. Bless his blackened heart, he gave me a spare phone he had kicking around, and didn't want anything in return for it. So I stitched up this sampler for him. If you want to hear just how warped he is, you can tune in to his online radio show on Mondays at 8pm on Purple Radio. Just don't say I didn't warn you.... :)

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