Saturday, 8 August 2009

Stitchy Retrospective No. 3

This one's a bit rude I'm afraid, but I've airbrushed out the naughty word (albeit badly, with Paint, because I don't have photoshop).

This was for another interweb friend*, who also has quite a dry sense of humour. He's Australian, and his girlfriend is Swedish, so the gave me homemade Anzac biscuits and Swedish gingerbread in exchange for my stitchy skills.

He says he had great fun explaining it to his girlfriend's Swedish aunts when they came to visit: "Yes, c**t means what you think it means but not only that. Yes, yes, lap means 'lick' in this sense too. No, it's not about licking vaginas" :)

*I do have some real life friends too, that I see face to face, honest. Although I did meet a fair few of them on the internet :D

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