Saturday, 29 August 2009

More neck warming

Just a quick little post, as I have a jam packed weekend - BBQ with mr pickledweasel's work mates this evening, shoe shopping tomorrow day, super posh belated wedding anniversary dinner tomorrow evening, ironing, general recovering and Twighlight on dvd on monday.

I've been cobbling together more of my blanket squares, and have another lovely soft neck warmer in preparation for autumn.

I like the colour of this one, it will go beautifully with my grey wool winter coat.

I've started knitting munchkin a neckwarmer too, as scarves and toddlers don't mix. A well meaning great grandma knitted her a lovely fluffy scarf last winter, but it was quickly removed every time I wrapped her up in it. Hopefully she'll be a bit more tolerant this year, and I'm thinking it'll stay on longer as she has to work out how to get it over her head :)

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